Well here we are starting to get into the coldest months of the year, with some days still surprisingly warm in Auckland!

With all the winter germs and virus doing their usual circulation, think seriously about including citrus trees in your garden like lemons, oranges and mandarins. I’m sure there is a reason they are ready for the picking right now.
It used to be that every backyard would include the solitary lemon tree, and the power of Vitamen C should not be underestimated.

Now is a great time to get design plans or consultation advice for your garden ready for the spring months. Take advantage of our one off consultation, which includes planting and design advice for your garden. You will receive plant lists, plant colour palette and notes, all easy to follow and great value for money.
If your project is big and needs lots of hard landscaping such as paving, retaining walls or timber work then I would recommend a full set of design plans. See our page on the Design Process.