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Plant of the Month

Lobelia aberdarica


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Plant of the Month

Lobelia aberdarica


Call us for Landscape Plans requirements and garden design advice!


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Call or email Kirsten to discuss our services on:

021 755 967

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May 2018

After what is an unseasonably warm Autumn the cold is starting to hit! If you have subtropical plants that are thriving be aware of any impending frosts and invest in some frost cloth and cover those precious plants overnight as the damage can mean starting all over again.

This is the time of the year we tend to look inside and avoid the outside  and gardens! but this is the perfect time to get your Landscape plans and garden design sorted so you can lock in any Contractors ready for Summer!

Scaled Landscape plans are the Blueprint for your home garden and can be implemented in stages over time or all in one hit. Scaled Plans enable you to get the whole picture and the overall garden working as a whole. It can often be an issue when gardens are designed or completed piecemeal as they can become disjointed and can mean disappointment especially with the amount of financial investment that is required.

We also have a 90 min consult service for design ideas on the spot, great for those who have small garden areas and need some direction.

And we have some more great new testimonials from! :

  • 100%
    "Kirsten was really awesome at listening to our ideas and understanding what we liked and disliked. She also had some great ideas and so much knowledge around the planting and what would work well. The first meeting was so exciting to see the ideas all together, ad the end plan was really excellent. Easy to understand and to use. The turnaround time was as Kristen had set our expectations "
    Rating by: Catriona   |  Rating posted: 4 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes ago  |  Contact: Kristen Sach  |  Job date: Feb, 2018
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    4 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes ago
  • 100%
    "Kirsten was awesome from the get-go! She totally understood where we were coming from, was realistic about what could be achieved, was positive and helpful, and stayed in contact throughout the design process. 
    And she was a nice person to deal with :)
    Really thrilled with the plans we now have and look forward to implementing them and getting her back to see the final result.
    Rating by: Leigh  |  Rating posted: 5 days, 21 hours and 9 minutes ago  |  Contact: Kirsten McCarthy  |  Job date: May, 2018
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    5 days, 21 hours and 9 minutes ago
  • 100%
    "A huge thanks to Kirsten for fantastic plans. Looking forward to getting started. Kirsten was highly professional and a pleasure to work with. Can highly recommend "
    Rating by: Jo  |  Rating posted: 6 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes ago  |  Contact: Jo Young  |  Job date: Jan, 2018
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    6 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes ago
  • 100%
    "We can highly recommend Kirsten. Her professionalism and communication were top notch and she obviously listened well during our first consultation as we are extremely happy with the plans she drew up for us. We can't wait to see them in real life!"
    Rating by: Anna  |  Rating posted: 13th Jan  |  Contact: Kirsten Sach  |  Job date: Dec, 2017
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    13th Jan

March 2018 update

Here we are in March 2018 and it has never been busier! I have a new profile video on our 'About Us' page, so have a look.

We will be looking at doing some garden makeover videos soon, showing before and afters... looking forward to putting this together with Sure Shot Docos.

Our 90 min consult service is now $450.00 including Gst, great for on the spot advice with rough notes to get you going in the right direction! This is mainly for areas within the Auckland area, please contact us if you are unsure.

Some great testimonials from 2017


19th May, 2017 100% "Kirsten was extremely professional and is a very talented Landscape designer. She listened to our brief and came up with a comprehensive concept which we reviewed and then provided detailed plans which we were able to easily follow. I cannot recommend Kirsten highly enough." – Raneah


19th May, 2017 100% "Kirsten was recommended to us by a friend to undertake a small garden design and landscaping in Grey Lynn. Kirsten's design concepts were wonderful encompassing the brief completely and having a flair that we loved. Kirsten's choice of planting was excellent and has achieved a low maintenance and perfect tropical look. The garden has only been planted for a year but it looks magnificent and has transformed our property. We highly recommend Kirsten." – Faye Bland


19th May, 2017 100% "Kirsten did an incredible job convert both my husband and my vision re what our property could potentially provide us and produced an amazing plan for us that we can now start to work on. It is truly beautiful - we only hope we can do it justice!" – Kerri-Anne


March brings cooler mornings and hot afternoons which is always my favourite time of the year1 perennial flowers are still in bloom but some deciduous trees are starting to turn reds and oranges.
We are coming up for optimum planting time for natives and winter hardy plants and trees, ideal as they develop strong root systems over winter ready for summer.


Its finally warming up now Autumn is around the corner... great time to re mulch your garden to conserve moisture and warmth in the soil.
Optimum planting time is coming up so now is the time to think about your garden ready for next Xmas holidays!
We do comprehensive and detailed garden & Landscape plans for you to follow yourself, or engage landscapers to do the actual work. We can refer excellent contractors who are experienced and reliable.
We provide plant sourcing at competitive prices and will organize delivery so that it is easy and stress free.
Dont forget to check out our Facebook page showcasing more gardens and here is a link to one of our recent projects:

May June

Its almost June and this is a great time to get plans designed ready for Spring.

We have had some great testimonials lately, more can be viewed on the 'Nocowboys' link at the bottom of the page.


It's that time of the year again and we are as busy now as in spring. Landscapers are getting busier now as more and more people are renovating and upgrading their gardens. Don't leave landscape design plans until spring as this will often be too late if you have any expectations of getting your garden built before Xmas.

We have trusted and recommended Landscapers and who have completed many projects for us over the years.

Now is the time to get any planting done as the rains start to arrive again.. and also a good time for cutting back summer perennials, hydrangeas etc.

Plans can be done at any time but always expect a 3 week turnaround at least. ..we have outlined the design process on the link on our services page.

Winter 2014

Being the coldest time of the year often means less time in the garden and less attention on the outside too… but now is the time to get your design plans ready so that you have a chance of having a new garden by summer.There is a real process to get your landscape plans done and a lot of real positives in having plans. Landscape design plans show your finished garden with beautiful 3D sketches, plant pics and a detailed scaled plan, it will bring your garden to life. You can build your garden in stages as budget allows and it means you have the big picture to refer to.


Reliable Mounds of Green. The rounded shape and the dense, fine, bright green foliage make Acacia ‘Limelight’ a stand out shrub. It’s striking as a contrast among bold foliage plants, even more so when grown as a container plant. Like a big, bushy head of hair, the shape and the lushness of the foliage make you want to stop and stroke it, which means it’s a fun plant to place in a pot beside decks or outdoor seating areas. In a tall, slim pot it really shows off its cascading habit. 

It’s not a fussy plant, tolerating a fair bit of drought once established and able to grow in full sun or light shade in any reasonable soil. The foliage retains its fresh look all year round and it doesn’t need any trimming to keep it compact. In time it will grow to a height of around 0.5 to 1 metre and spread a similar width. This makes it useful in a low maintenance shrub border, for the foliage is so dense that weeds don’t stand a chance.


Persimmons are attractive small trees that suit both large and small gardens. Even if you don’t like eating persimmon fruit, the trees are worth growing for their fabulous autumn colour. The leaves turn glorious shades of red, orange and gold before dropping in autumn, often leaving the fruit hanging decoratively on the bare branches. Traditional persimmon varieties like “Dai Dai Maru” are classed as astringent, which means they can only be eaten when they’re ripe and very soft. Newer varieties like “Fuyu” are non-astringent. Non-astringent varieties can be eaten while the fruit is still firm. Persimmons are best planted during the cooler months, which will give them as much time as possible to get established before next summer’s heat. The branches are brittle and break easily – especially when weighed down by the fruit – so choose an open, sunny spot that’s sheltered from strong winds.

Autumn 2014

It’s been a fair few months since the last update but I have a very good reason and that’s due to a record amount of people requiring garden designs over the last 4 months! Have a look at our Facebook page for the latest gardens and also our Gallery page with new gardens featured form opposite sides of Auckland. We can design everything from contemporary courtyard gardens to Lifestyle blocks. Getting a set of scaled plans enables you to get quotes from Landscapers and implement the garden as budget allows and for the more keen DIYer the 90 min consult may be what you are after. Check out our Services page today.

Plant of the Month // Hydrangea Macophylla - Blue Diamond

  • Be sure to plant them in good soil, with fertiliser and compost, to get them off to a good start.
  • They'll handle sun, but flowers last longest and develop better colour in light or dappled shade.
  • Keep them moist, the big leaves can dry out quickly during hot spells.
  • Feed with a general garden fertiliser late in autumn.
  • Flower colour is influenced by soil conditions. Blues are intensified by acid conditions, while alkaline soils favour pink and red shades. Enhance pink shades by applying lime, encourage blue shades by applying ammonium or aluminium sulphate or an acid fertiliser. It may take a season or two to see the results you want.
  • Prune to half size late in autumn, cutting to just above a pair of nodes. This promotes flower for next season and maintains shape and vigour.


Well it has shaped up to be an extremely busy time this spring with lots of clients requesting landscape plans and garden advice. It’s so great to see people taking a keen interest in their gardens and landscaping with a real surge in vegetable and herb gardens to be included. Also a lot of requests for old fashioned plants to give a vintage feel in the garden like Hydrangeas, Hellebores, Daphne to name a few, with a strong move towards flowers We also do planting plans for resource consent applications for those in the process of a new build with fast turnaround if required. We will be closed from Dec 23rd reopening on Mon January 6th.


We are well and truly into spring now with Xmas fast approaching. It’s a very busy time with people thinking about their gardens and outdoor spaces. Whether you need detailed plans or one off garden advice we have several service options if its garden design you are after. We have recommended landscapers and contractors that we refer onto clients on a regular basis.

We attended the Melbourne Landscape conference back in September which proved to be a fantastic and inspirational series of speakers from around the Globe, with garden visits that showcased design set in the dry arid Australian landscape to perfection. The sheer number of Australian flowering plants was a real surprise. If you are in Melbourne then a visit to the large Australian Garden at Cranbourne is an absolute must.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Betula utilis jacquemontii - White Himalayan birch

Canna Lilly
  • Fast-growing upright tree
  • Beautiful snow-white bark
  • Deep-green glossy leaves
  • Yellow autumn foliage
  • Deciduous
  • Hardy


'Our initial landscape consult is free if you require plans quoted, so get in touch soon to book this 40min consult.

If you would like one off garden advice and quick sketches, we have a 90 min consult priced at $350 incl Gst.

Whether your tastes suit a garden style that is contemporary, sub tropical, formal or native, we have the skills and expertise to design a garden that will suit your lifestyle, house style, working with you to produce a garden of your dreams.

Now is a great time to get some Landscape Plans underway ready for building over winter and spring so beat the rush as most reputable landscapers are booked for months in advance.

We have excellent landscaper contractors that we work with on an ongoing basis and we can offer a full package of design and build. Each project can be tailored to your specific wants and needs and we work as closely as possible to your budget.

I am happy to say that I am off to the Melbourne Landscape Conference in September, which is looking fantastic this year with speakers from all around the world, so I will keep you posted on this in a few months time!'


Canna Lilly

The Gorgeous Canna lily grows to 1600mm height with

black bronze leaves and bright red flowers in summer.

Keep watered and plant in moist sunny areas.

Trim away dead flower canes and leaves as required.


Our initial landscape consultation is free to complete a site visit in order to quote your plans. This site visit enables you to meet me, and so I can look at your garden and obtain a comprehensive design brief from you.

Now is a great time to get some Landscape Plans underway ready for building over winter and spring so beat the rush as most reputable landscapers are booked for months in advance.

We have excellent landscaper contractors that we work with on an ongoing basis and we can offer a full package of design and build. Each project can be tailored to your specific wants and needs and we work as closely as possible to your budget.

Check out some of the latest client testimonials on our page >>



A stunning small tree that gives the ultimate in seasonal change with wine red leaves changing to a deep green and deep pink blossom in spring. Grows to a height of approx. 4 – 5 mtrs

  • Sun Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade
  • Bloom Colour: Magenta (Pink-Purple)
  • Bloom Time: Late Winter/Early Spring Mid Spring
  • Foliage: Deciduous, wine red heart shaped leaves changing to green
  • Other Details: Drought-tolerant; don’t over water.

End of Summer

Well and truly into the year now, and busy with lots of garden designs and lots of plant supply quotes on the go ready for planting in the autumn.

It has been weeks of dry hot/windy weather that has been so lovely, but the plants are crying out for rain, even some of the more established trees are showing signs of wilt.

Unless you are going to be out watering every morning or evening or have an irrigation system in, it is best to wait until the rains set in and the temperatures cool down before planting at this time of year. Always mulch your gardens heavily to help conserve any moisture in the soil.

If you require scaled plans then take advantage of our free initial consult and we will come out and meet you, have a look at your garden and go away and quote your plans. Plans are a great investment as it allows you to complete the garden in stages and as budget allows, while most importantly keeping to an overall plan.


  • A stunning variety of dahlia with a vivid bright red that creates drama and gives impact within a garden. Beautiful used with lush greens plants or near plants with a burgundy or red tinge to the leaves
  • Prolonged flowering all summer, with consistent dead heading
  • 1 x 1 mitre
  • Requires full sun and free draining soil
  • Deciduous, lay snail bait in spring as the new leaves sprout


  • A small growing erect evergreen tree, with deep green leaves
  • Provides a brilliant display of deep scarlet flowers from early summer
  • A prolific flowerer from a young age
  • Found on Great Barrier Island
  • 5m x 3m


Christmas is almost upon us and it is great to see so many people seeking landscape plans for their garden, either to work from themselves or so that they can get a quote from a landscaper. For those that just need a bit of help in the right direction our 90 min one off consult may suit priced at $350 inclusive. Email us and we will send through a document outlining our Services and Costings in more detail.

We will be on leave from Monday 24th Dec to January 9th 2013.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Xmas and New Year.

It’s a good time to look at getting all your planning done late Jan/ Feb/ March as planting is always better in Autumn. We work alongside reputable landscapers to implement your garden, and can oversee certain aspects of the build including all plant supply and plant placement. See some of our latest projects finished and in progress on our Facebook Link.

Latest Client Testimonials:

"I was really happy with Kirsten's ideas, she was very positive and enthusiastic and this gave us the inspiration to create a beautiful garden. Her ideas were fantastic and they went with the design of our home. I highly recommend Kirsten Sach Landscape Design." - Riet Bersma-Rees

"Kirsten was fantastic... we used the one-off hour and a half consultation service to get a rough sketch and ideas to design our back garden. We loved her design and it suited our needs perfectly. Highly recommend!" - Jo

See our link to more testimonials on No Cowboys.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Canna iridiflora (nodding canna)

Magnolia stellata ‘Waterlily’
  • 2.5 -3mtrs height
  • Flowers throughout the year.
  • Banana like foliage with deep watermelon coloured flowers held high above the leaves
  • Withstands occasional frosts
  • Full sun
  • Tolerates most soils


It's so lovely when spring arrives, all the plants putting on new growth, blossom and great to get those summer veges in like tomatos, courgette’s, cucumbers etc. all the citrus are covered in blossom and good to see the bees around doing their thing.

This is a good time to get fertilisers on the garden, sheep pellets and mulch to keep weeds away and moisture in the soil.

See our Facebook page with recent gardens finished.

Late Winter

It’s so lovely to see the late winter flowering trees such as Magnolia, Gordonia, Rhododendron... it certainly brightens up a dull winters day. The bold flowers of Magnolia on bare branches is stunning at this time of year and makes a perfect specimen tree in the garden.

Here are a couple of recent client testimonials and more can be seen on our

"Extremely happy with the service provided by Kirsten Sach Landscape Design and would definitely recommend to people wanting a hassle-free garden planting plan drawn up. The finished plans were top quality and informative, as well as being very easy to understand. Being a complete novice as far as garden designs go, Kirsten's input as to what plants would suit the conditions was very useful indeed and am totally thrilled with the finished design plans." – Susan

"Kirsten was excellent. She thoroughly researched what we were trying to achieve, her creative thought and knowledge of her subject were excellent, and her business processes were great. This enabled Kirsten to deliver a plan that delighted us quickly and at a reasonable cost. On top of that Kirsten was reliable and great to deal with." - Peter

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Magnolia stellata - Waterlily

Magnolia stellata ‘Waterlily’
  • Size: Ht 2m Wd 2m
  • Sunlight: Full sun - Part shade
  • Temperature: frost hardy
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Coastal tolerance: Not suitable
  • Other features: An excellent specimen shrub with masses of flower
  • Garden care: Plant in a moist but free draining soil. Feed once a year with slow release fertilizer.

Little pruning should be required other than form pruning or crown raising. Protect from strong winds to prolong flowering.

Beautifully scented variety, with masses of petals. Pale pink buds open to starry white blooms with a delicate pink blush on the outside.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Xeronema callistemon

Xeronema callistemon

Poor Knights lily is a stunning plant and well worth growing. A very slow growing plant with fans of flax-like leaves up to 1m high.

Poor Knights lily occurs naturally on Poor Knights Island, Three Kings Island and Hen Island. It's striking red flowers occur on tall stems in Spring but it takes up to 15 years to flower. It doesn’t mind being root-bound and if root-bound it will flower more quickly and prolifically.

Protect from slugs and snails. Prone to fungal disease if too wet.

  • H 1m x W 1m
  • Sun and semi-shade
  • Intolerant of wet conditions
  • Must have a free draining soil
  • Wind hardy
  • Frost tender


We have slipped into winter and the rains and cold temps have set in, perfect time for planting as the plants have time to establish their root systems before the warmth of Spring brings on new growth.

Now is the time for planting garlic and there should be plenty of growth on all the brassicas now.

There are still plenty of bright autumn colour on all the trees at the moment and choosing the right deciduous tree in a well placed position can be amazing in a garden setting.

We have extended our special for the month of June /July: There is no charge for our 1 hour initial consultation (worth $195 incl Gst) if you want scaled garden design plans quoted. This meeting is primarily to obtain a design brief from you, asking you lots of questions and to have a look at your garden so that I can quote up landscape plans. If you are after Design advice and ideas then we offer a one off consultation for 1.5hrs for $350 including Gst. See our Services page that outlines this in more detail.

Autumn has Arrived

Autumn has arrived... and now is the perfect time to start planting. There is still time to get those planting plans finished if you are planning on renovating your garden soon as autumn and winter are always the best time to plant as there is plenty of rain. If you are planning on planting in spring and summer then it may be a good idea to put in an irrigation system if you are not one to be out with a hose in the evenings. Click here to see our new video showing a garden makeover and the process behind it.

Special deal for April and May:

There is no charge for our 1 hour initial consultation (worth $195 incl Gst) if you want scaled garden design plans. This meeting is primarily to obtain a design brief from you, asking you lots of questions and to have a look at your garden so that I can quote up landscape plans. If you are after Design advice and ideas then we offer a one off consultation for 1.5hrs for $350 including Gst. See our Services page that outlines this in more detail.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Arthropodium cirratum

Arthropodium Cirratum

NZ rock lily, Rengarenga lily.

A clump forming plant with grey green glaucous foliage. Leaves are soft and drooping and masses of starry white flowers appear in late Spring. Rengarenga is found naturally throughout NZ in coastal areas. Effective planted in groups. Protect from slug and snail damage.

  • H 50cm x W 50cm
  • Tolerates sun or shade
  • Tolerates very dry and exposed conditions
  • Frost tender


Here we are starting a new year and January is a lovely time to spend in your garden, appreciating all the new growth and warm days. Not to speak of entertaining and those BBQ’S. If you are like me you are also reaping the rewards from the vegetable garden... tomatoes, lettuce and courgettes.

Our exciting news is that we have two new videos featuring a garden profile in Herne Bay and a personal profile explaining a little of my background. They have been produced by SureshotDocos, and what a lovely job they have done! Click here to view my personal profile and click here to view a garden profile.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Baloskian tetraphyllum

Astelia Banksii

This wetland species from Australia is a stunner preferring damp ground and full sun.

It's beautiful planted in groupings around water features or pools. They don’t tolerate too long a period of dry so make sure there is source of water to keep this reed looking healthy.

Reddish brown flower spikes appear through summer making this a great plant for colour and textural interest in the garden. This plant will get to 1.5 mtrs in height clumping to 600mm.

Special Deal for February and March

There is no charge for our 1 hour initial consultation (worth $145+gst) if you want scaled garden design plans. This meeting is primarily to obtain a design brief from you, asking you lots of questions and to have a look at your garden so that I can quote up landscape plans.

If you are after Design advice and ideas then we offer a one off consultation for 1.5hrs for $350 including gst. See our Services page that outlines this in more detail.

Getting ready for spring!

I am so looking forward to spring and the few sunny days we are getting are a reminder of what is to come! There has been plenty of rain and a couple of cold snaps to remind us not to get too hopeful too soon though. Don’t forget to book in for our garden design consultation in time for early planting in spring. If you are just after some direction our one off consultation is perfect for getting set in the right direction.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Asplenium bulbiferum

Astelia Banksii

Hen & Chicken Fern

This is a native fern with glossy emerald green arching fronds, common in forests throughout New Zealand. This is one of the most popular and widely available ferns, and looks stunning mass planted. Check out how it is used effectively on our Facebook page in the Herne Bay garden. The mature fronds have small bulbils which form new plants. They generally reach a height/width of 600mmx600mm, they prefer shade but respond well to dappled shade. Make sure the soil is rich compost and is kept moist. They can be frost tender and a sheltered position is ideal.

Client Testimonial from Chako Amano

"Kirsten has transformed my neglected, overgrown patches of land to a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. I love her simple but elegant design and her great selection of plants, including a Japanese cherry tree. Kirsten was fantastic to work with: she listened to me intently, understood my wishes and needs, and created a planting plan which was perfect for me. Her work was professional on all levels – punctual, efficient and clear. Her communication skills were beyond my expectation and she was always so kind and friendly. Thanks to Kirsten, a potentially daunting task became an enjoyable project. If you are looking for an inspirational and caring garden designer, your search stops here!"

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Citrus Meyer

Astelia Banksii

The humble lemon tree is not to be underestimated and a full proof variety that has a great fruit yield and good compact size is the Meyer Lemon.

Make sure your lemon is kept well fed as they are big feeders. There are many options in your local garden centre including organic ways to feed your lemon tree. I find a good dose of organic sheep pellets will give strong leaf growth turning yellow leaves green in weeks. An application of weak Epsom salts can be effective too. Keep any grass or lawn away from the base of your citrus and mulch around the base of your tree.


Well here we are starting to get into the coldest months of the year, with some days still surprisingly warm in Auckland!

With all the winter germs and virus doing their usual circulation, think seriously about including citrus trees in your garden like lemons, oranges and mandarins. I’m sure there is a reason they are ready for the picking right now. It used to be that every backyard would include the solitary lemon tree, and the power of Vitamen C should not be underestimated.

Now is a great time to get design plans or consultation advice for your garden ready for the spring months. Take advantage of our one off consultation, which includes planting and design advice for your garden. You will receive plant lists, plant colour palette and notes, all easy to follow and great value for money. If your project is big and needs lots of hard landscaping such as paving, retaining walls or timber work then I would recommend a full set of design plans. See our page on the Design Process.

Client Testimonial from Steve Hausman

"Kirsten is so easy to work with, she has an extremely professional attitude and is dedicated to her work. When Kirsten delivered the conceptual drawings, we were blown away with the design, not many changes were made and from this the working drawings were completed in a timely and professional manner. Kirsten was our mediator as Paula and I struggled to get an agreement on what we both liked. Kirsten listened to both of our thoughts and wishes and combined them into the finished product. Kirsten has an extremely good eye for detail and an extensive knowledge of her plants. We thank Kirsten for her time and effort in our project and look forward to recommending her to our friends and colleagues, we also wish her all the best with her business in the future."

April is here and daylight savings is gone!

Check out our new Facebook link that showcases some of our most recent work with before and after pictures. Some of the gardens need a bit more growth as they are freshly planted so stand by for updated pics next spring.

Now is the time to get those bulbs in the ground ready for next spring, and those winter veges. The Brassicas can go in, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages etc. Make sure you feed them with plenty of lime and dolomite.

If you are unsure about a certain area in your garden, whether it is planting ideas or a simple design concept, but are fairly confident in the garden, our one off consultation may be just what you need to get on the right track. If you require new decks, paving, water features and retaining walls, a set of more detailed scaled plans would be advisable. These plans can be used to get quotes from contractors.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Astelia banksii

Astelia Banksii

Shore astelia / Kakaha / Bush flax

A largely coastal astelia with drooping narrow silver leaves. This plant will tolerate very dry conditions in sun or shade. Use mass planted in drifts under pohutukawas or other trees, or alongside a bright green groundcover for maximum contrast. This plant grows 1 x 1 metres.

Hot Rain!

The rain combined with the hot summer temperatures we are having does wonders for the garden. Plants are growing like crazy, which is great for establishing new gardens. Just turn on the irrigation in the longer dry spells and make sure you mulch thickly.

The Ellerslie International Flower Show is coming up in March in Christchurch so a visit is a must to view any new plant releases and some up and coming landscape design.

My recent landscape design projects have included a vast array of garden styles from Contemporary gardens, Subtropical gardens, Formal gardens, Native gardens and Traditional... often a combination of two garden styles. Check out my Gallery page for new gardens completed recently. Don’t forget to click on our No Cowboys link to read all our great testimonials from past garden design projects.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Isotoma fluviatilis

Elegia capensis - FEBRUARY 2011

This native New Zealand groundcover is an absolute stunner, with a mass of tiny blue flowers all summer. Plant in a free draining but moist situation. Sun or dappled shade. Can be susceptible to frost, but come spring the show is all back on again. Perfect for around the base of trees and next to paving.

A New Year

Well here we are at the beginning of a brand new year and back to work. I don't know about you but there is something to be said for harvesting those summer veges! Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Courgette, Peas and Beans... they might be cheap in the shops but nothing compares to the flavour and the appreciation of picking something and eating it 5 minutes later for total freshness!

Now is the perfect time to get a landscape design completed while it is a bit quieter, as people are still away or in holiday mode. Building your landscape in time for planting in Autumn is ideal, so that plants can have the rain over winter to establish their root systems properly.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Elegia capensis

Elegia capensis

This reed has beautiful long stems with whispy leaves that sway in the wind. A real stunner planted enmass near water or as screening to 2metres high.

It is a South African reed featuring beautiful brown sheaths up naked stems from which fine needle-like green foliage appear at intervals. Once established, remove old growth each spring. Plant in full sun and provide good drainage.

Christmas Special!

December is here and Christmas upon us. Take advantage of our gift voucher options to give as gifts this Christmas. A one off consultation is a perfect present to give to a friend or family to get them on the right track to a good garden design. (Click here to inquire on pricing)

See the article in the latest Home Magazine as it is a great profile on my background and achievements. (Click here to article)

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Cleome hassleriana - spider plant

Beautiful and striking annual plant to 800mm height, with dark pink spider like flowers. This is a must to plant next to a vegetable garden as it will attract those nasty smelly vegetable bugs away from your beans and other veges and give you the wow factor in the garden.

Plant in spring to ensure they are flowering when your veges are maturing. Keep away from your path as the prickly stems can be irritating. A tough dry tolerant plant that will self seed. Give it room and enjoy!

Spring is here!

It's so great to finally feel the warmth of spring and to see flowers and new growth everywhere!

I can't wait to get those tomato's in the ground.

Watch out for NZ HOME magazine in Dec /Jan and a profile in my own garden, the garden is looking amazing at the moment.

The article is focused on raingardens and sustainable gardening and gives an overview of my background.

TIP: Make sure that if you are planting now that adequate irrigation is installed in time for the long dry months ahead. Autumn is always the optimum time to be planting unless it is sub tropical plants.


An upcoming workshop.
Well the rain is here in full force and much needed after those long dry summer months. But what happens when there is too much rain?

Currently our stormwater rushes into pipes and goes straight into rivers or out to sea, carrying all sorts of pollutants and rubbish with it, causing erosion, killing precious eco systems and polluting our beaches.

A simple solution is a raingarden which is a way of holding stormwater runoff in your own backyard, filtering and absorbing  runoff before it is released back into the stormwater system.

I will be taking a two-hour workshop on July 17th from 10:30am to 12:30pm @ Ecomatters in New Lynn. See their website for more information and to register.

I will be demonstrating ways to store and treat stormwater in your own backyard, looking at design and materials available. I will have plants to show you that handle these specialised conditions.

Be in quick as numbers are limited.


The workshop held on the 17th July was a success with a great turn out, thanks to all those that attended.
It was a relaxed affair with group input, with a guest appearance by the charming Tony Morrell who kept everyone entertained for the two hours. Keep your eye out for more workshops coming up.

PLANT OF THE MONTH // Ligularia reniformis

PLANT OF THE MONTH - Ligularia reniformis - 4 Aug 2010

Planting requirements.

Plant in a part shaded damp area of the garden otherwise keep well irrigated. The leaves on this plant alone always get noticed as they can get to 200mm wide and are a shiny dark green. The flowers are yellow & daisy- like on tall stems and can be removed when in bud, if it’s only the foliage you are after.


It's an exciting day when your new website is launched and your services and work is shown to the world. It wouldn't have been possible without the very talented team at Husk Creative!

I would love to hear feedback on my website, so please don't hesitate to comment on the overall look, information provided and the usability of the site.

Every month I will have a 'Plant of the Month' with planting requirements and a regular news item keeping you up to date.

Plant of the Month

Lobelia aberdarica


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